Huggies Lounge

The HUGGIES Lounge was a ground breaking live consumer experience that strengthened the bond between mum and brand and toured in shopping centres nationwide.

The Task:

Create a live and transformational HUGGIES consumer brand experience

The How:

  • Create a highly visible physical experience that generates talkability, clearly gives something back to mum and strengthens their relationship with the HUGGIES brand
  • Clearly communicate that HUGGIES understands and helps mums by increasing their mothering knowledge
  • Build HUGGIES database by recruiting new mums to become members of the HUGGIES Baby Club

HUGGIES partnered with bgb to create a ground breaking HUGGIES consumer experience – The HUGGIES Lounge.

The HUGGIES Lounge is a brand experience that was invented, developed, built and completely managed by bgb. The centerpiece was a bespoke, interactive and high impact Lounge set that was playful and emotionally engaging. The HUGGIES Lounge Leader hosted mums and bubs and led a programme of story time, playtime and highly credible and sought after speakers who talked on a range of issues highly relevant to mothers – a key objective was for the audience to take away at least 1 helpful hint with them that they wouldn’t have otherwise known.

The HUGGIES Lounge was toured around the country in shopping centres – we went were mums and babies spend their time during the day.

The HUGGIES Lounge was integrated with the HUGGIES web-site, social media and public relations initiatives – it was the hub and source of highly engaging brand content and promotions.

The Experience Outcome:

The HUGGIES Lounge was evaluated utilising the following:


  • Exit interviews
  • Forum discussions


  • New and returned members
  • Online survey
  • Promotion entries
  • Voucher redemptions
  • HUGGIES Lounge web pages visits and downloads

Some Numbers:

  • 91% were ‘Very Satisfied’ or ‘Satisfied’ with their HUGGIES Lounge experience
  • 89% would ‘Definitely’ or ‘Probably’ Recommend That Other Mothers Visit The HUGGIES Lounge
  • 74% ‘Strongly Agreed’ or ‘Agreed’ that they Enjoyed The Expert Speaker
  • 75% ‘Strongly Agreed’ or ‘Agreed’ that is was Fun For My Child
  • 70% ‘Strongly Agreed’ or ‘Agreed’ that It Was Informative
  • 84% ‘Strongly Agreed’ or ‘Agreed’ that HUGGIES Understands Mums
  • 73% ‘Strongly Agreed’ or ‘Agreed’ that HUGGIES Are The Baby Care Experts
  • 71% of attendees were not existing members of the HUGGIES Baby Club and were subsequently added to the HUGGIES Baby Club
  • 98% of the new HUGGIES Baby Club members were retained over a 3 year period
  • HUGGIES Lounge visits were up 3% and 4% for each successive year



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