NRMA Insurance Play It Safe

As one of the country’s largest insurers, NRMA Insurance came to bgb with the objective of increasing customer retention and advocacy by actively ‘Making Communities Safer’.

NRMA Insurance specifically wanted their communities to see them in action, proactively helping out their local communities. There was a strong desire for face-to-face engagement with customers and potential customers. Further, the campaign was not to be just a one-off experience  but the first step in an ongoing, legitimate dialogue with customers.

And so NRMA Insurance ‘Play It Safe’ was born, an experiential and digital campaign that directly engaged customers and potential customers, showcased vital community partnerships and involved NRMA Insurance staff.

bgb invented and built the mobile and interactive NRMA Insurance Safety & Security House, which was taken out to the community via various targeted eastern seaboard shopping centres.

Shoppers were educated as to how to be safer and more secure in their homes and on the road via various methods – live show and quizzes, videos and talks by NRMA Insurance community partners ( SES, NSW Police and Kidsafe ).

Shoppers also had the opportunity to complete the online Safety & Security Survey. The Safety & Security Survey generates key contacts details for NRMA Insurance in addition to basic behavioural information with which to commence a meaningful, ongoing dialogue.

Successive conversations with customers and prospects focus on tips to improve safety and security, seasonal information, information on NRMA Insurance community initiatives and events.


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