SONY Brand Showcase

bgb was briefed by SONY Australia to reproduce SONY Dreamworld – an annual event in Japan that showcases the SONY offering – locally.


The result was SONY Experience More, a brand showcase that directly allows customers to experience SONY’s vision of integrated entertainment for the digital era.

The SONY Experience More Statistics:

  • 4000 SONY products exhibited
  • 2500 guests to the expo over 4 days
  • 16 press launches
  • 500 person conference
  • A welcome dinner
  • A gala dinner
  • The clout of the 5 SONY sister companies (Sony Australia, Sony Computer Entertainment, Sony Ericsson, Columbia TriStar & The Sony Foundation) all under one roof for the first time
  • The first ever live performance by ‘QRIO’ the Sony Dream Robot


Udon noodle soup and
Club Sandwiches