U by Kotex Education Programme

In 2014 bgb partnered with U by Kotex to relaunch its Education Programme. This critical programme is instrumental in driving awareness and trial of the brand amongst girls at the point of market entry within the safe school environment.  It is a key vehicle for building U by Kotex brand trust and credibility.

bgb revolutionised the teaching approach based on a strong understanding grounded in research of both the K-6 and 7-12 syllabus and setting up a dialogue with the relevant stakeholders and education departments.

The new programme developed by bgb is called ‘What’s Happening to U?’ and consists of interactive, multimedia teaching materials that make teaching personal development an engaging experience that truly resonates with its use of contemporary language and aesthetic. Teachers order this specially created content via a bespoke micro-site and receive a physical teaching pack with accompanying student sample packs to be distributed to their female students.

In 2015 the objective was to distribute 180,000 student packs to girls aged 11-14 years of age. This represented a desired increase of 76% as a result of the programme relaunch. bgb developed an extensive communication campaign targeting teachers which was executed throughout the 2015 school year in order to generate awareness of ‘What’s Happening to U?’ and achieve the sample distribution target.

And the final result?

207,240 student sample packs were distributed between February 2015 and August 2015, representing a 103% increase versus year ago of samples distributed and female students 11-14 year of age being reached.


The yummiest homemade mini sausage rolls and spinach pie with lots of bgb home-made chocolate cookies for the kids